How to Monetize a Blog and How to Get Started!

Passionate about your blog but don't know how to get started? Wondering how you can get money off of a blog? We're to help with all such questions and doubts. There are several ways to monetize a blog. Let us see how you can get started with a blog and some basic ways you can monetize it. Let's get started!

Ways to Make Money from a Blog!

 Affiliate Marketing
 It is the one of the easiest ways to monetize a blog. In simple words, affiliate marketing works like this: you promote and endorse products or services of brands and you get a commission when purchases are made through your website. Sometimes the brands pay you for the leads they receive from your website even if they don’t turn into sales. Affiliate marketing is a lot different from ads. You can place the product links anywhere you want – link to images, in between relevant sentences, in a separate link section, anywhere you want. When your reader clicks on the link and makes a purchase, you get a commission.

Well, you probably know by now that advertising is the most common way to earn money from a blog. We see ads almost on every page we browse. You can sell your ad space or directly communicate with advertising agencies to provide ads for your website. The former way is easier and convenient for all types of websites – new or old. And the latter has the advantage that you can decide what your customers can see on your website. Both have their own benefits and you can earn out of advertising in both ways. 

Promote Brands 
Another way to make money out of your blog is to promote brands that are willing to pay you for the same. You can do it anyway – talk about their products or services, write product reviews, publish their content, etc. For this to work, your website should have a good number of visitors and preferably a selective niche for the brand to see you as an opportunity to promote their products. You can approach brands and collaborate and avail the mutual benefits. 

Sell Products 
This is another direct way to earn money through your blog. If you own a business, sell your products directly on your website. Selling your own products on your website increases your brand value and needless to say, income through your blog. If you do not sell any physical products, you can sell any kinds of services that your business has to offer. Selling products and services on your website gives you money directly into your pocket. 
  • Paid Sessions 
If your website has good traffic and you have expertise in a specific area, you can share your knowledge and make money out of it. You can conduct paid live seminars, share workbooks, tutorials etc. The readers who are willing to learn will buy your courses.  

How to Start My Own Blog? 

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