How to Start a Travel Blog and Earn Money!

Travelling to new places and exploring different cultures, food and localities is something we all love. But do you know you can make money out of this little hobby/passion of yours? YES! You can absolutely turn your passion into an income source. How? That is what this blog is about!
You very well know by now that we all do our research before planning a trip. We look for all minor to major details regarding the destination – best time to visit, best places to go to, best foods to try and what not. We literally fill our Google and YouTube search history with questions and queries. Now imagine being on the other side of the story. You are the one to provide information regarding the place, the food, the locality, etc. This, in a nutshell, is what a travel blog is!
How to Start Travel Blogging? 
If you are a social person willing to put your face out there, you can do both vlogging and blogging at the same time. There are multiple platforms where you can share your videos like YouTube, Instagram, etc. If you are willing to give the time and effort that goes into filming and editing the videos that is. But if you are camera-conscious or just not a fan of vlogging, you can instead start a website and start writing about your travel stories. Steps to Get Started! 
  • Think of a Niche 
Although travel itself can be considered as a niche, it’s always great to narrow it down further into what aspects of travel you’re going to blog about. For example, you can choose something like backpacking travel, solo travel, travel with kids, etc. If you can’t think of anything as such, you can keep it travel related and add categories in it. 
  • Choose a Domain Name 
Consider domain name as your identity or brand name. Keyword based domain names are great if you are focused on a single niche. You may as well choose your own name for domain if you want to maintain a personal style throughout the blog. Or you can come up with something that include both – name and niche.  
  • Create Your Website 
This is the key step and the toughest one too. To create a blogging website, you need to purchase hosting and install blogging platforms like Wordpress. But this can be somewhat difficult for people who do not have any previous experience in the field. Plus, there are security concerns as well which are hard to manage as an individual. You can instead choose platforms like where we give you everything ready and you can start blogging right away. 
  • Be Consistent 
One key step to maintain a successful blog is to be consistent. Consistency is the key to everything. Plan your posts for at least a month ahead. Do not post tons of articles right after your vacation and then leave your blog deserted for a month. Instead, reduce the frequency to once/twice a week but keep it going.  
  • Deliver Quality Content 
Do not do generic listicles out of the information available on internet, there’s already a lot of that on internet. Write from your personal experience and include all the details that you would search for before going on a trip. Consider yourself as audience and deliver the kind of content you would expect when you read a travel blog.  These are a few steps in starting and maintaining a blog. You can get started and start earning from your blog. Our discounted price for a static website/blog on flash sale is 1999 INR per year which is as low as your shopping bill for once. This is the best time and place to get started. Hit us up with any questions or queries you have. Stay tuned for more useful articles!